3 Tips for Corporate Holiday Parties


Yes, Halloween has come and gone. Do you know what that means? Turkeys, hams, family, sweaters, and crackling fireplaces.

Oh, and don’t forget the party your boss asked you to plan.

This is not meant to add stress to your plate; so before you reach for the spiked eggnog we have a couple of pointers and tips to help you plan.

Plan Early

This is exactly why we are bringing this to your attention now. Our order list tends to grow exponentially around the holiday season (we can’t figure out why) and you have a lot to get done in a short amount time.

We cannot emphasize this enough. As soon as you have a venue, give us a call or drop by the store and we’ll get started.

Budget, Budget, Budget!

Your company probably gave you a budget for the whole event. Keep in mind the food, the venue, the DJ, and the decorations.

This is where we come in. Set a budget for decorative arrangements and stick to it. You do not want to dip into funds for the food (what are parties for, right?) or drinks. So, make a budget and do not deviate from it.

Mental Walk-Through

Now that you have your venue and your budget, sit back, close your eyes, and imagine all the neat little places for floral arrangements. These are supposed to liven up the room and add a freshness that only flowers can accomplish.

Typically, our friends order traditional holiday colored arrangements. These can include red flowers, white flowers, cedar and pine frames, and if you’re adventurous conveniently placed mistletoe. Do a mental walk-through of your venue and spice it up.

Now you can grab that eggnog and have a swig for us!