Wedding Tips from a Florist

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  1. Wedding Tips from a Florist

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    Summertime. The sun is out; everyone has donned short sleeves and light colors. It is also the time of year that you have planned to have your wedding. Are you nervous? Is your caterer not calling you back? Here, we have listed a couple of issues to keep in mind when you are planning your big day.

    Your ideal wedding may be in a cute little chapel or in the back yard at your grandparents’ home. You imagine light fluffy clouds against a deep azure sky. Maybe, if you are lucky, there will be an abundance of butterflies to grace your beautiful ceremony.

    Unfortunately, summer storms can come up quick and unexpectedly.

    As a general rule, if you plan on having your ceremony or your reception outside, have an indoor back- up facility.

    We all know, when you are choosing a date for your wedding, it holds significance. However, as important as that day might be, you must stay aware of any holidays that fall around or on that very day. Depending on the holiday, this can cause the price of flower arrangements to jump higher than you were expecting.

    When you are putting a budget together for your wedding, be sure to set enough aside so you are able to have the arrangement about which you have always dreamed. Sitting down with a florist before you lock in your budget would be extremely helpful in planning for your wedding.

    Once again, keep these three things in mind when beginning your wedding planning process: plan for adverse weather conditions, budget properly for your floral needs, and be sure to pick a date that will not drive your cost too much.