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    With fall around the corner, let us delve into what makes autumnal arrangements special: the color palette. Each season has its own flair we tie into all our floral arrangements. Spring has its bright whites, light greens, and soft silk loosely binding the bare stems. Summer brings fluffier flowers, light blues, purples, and well-defined foliage.

    This brings us to fall.

    One of the more exciting aspects to designing fall arrangements is the hue and tone play. Not many colors work well together the same way autumn colors do.

    If a pumpkin comes to mind when you think of fall, then we are on the right track. The pumpkin’s orange offers a perfect base color on which we can build. From there we can branch out to many different types of tan and brown, different hues of red, and multi-toned yellows.

    The beauty of fall arrangements is the ability to use non-floral plants. The use of stems, crab apples, pinecones, and foliage accentuates the already present colors.

    If you are planning your fall wedding, gearing up for Thanksgiving, or would like a centerpiece to bring autumn in, give us a call and we can walk you through the process. There is a lot to decide on for your fall arrangement, so do not waste any time!