Cyclamen, Nandina, and Poinsettias… Oh My, It’s Christmas Time


A couple of months ago, we told you about autumn arrangements. Where fall’s designs are driven by varieties of color, winter uses stark and powerful colors. Typically, we use reds, greens, white, deep blues, and gold.

The floral choice aims to create a warmth and security reminiscent of Linus’s blanket in the age-old Peanuts cartoon. Basically, if you see a holiday arrangement and images of logs burning in a fireplace and your hands around a mug of hot chocolate, we’re on the right path.

For basic arrangements, we start with greenery like flat cedar, pine, holly, and nandina. To bring in well-blended reds, we like to use hypercium berries.


Separately, hypercium berries can be placed on foliage to create festive wedding boutonnieres.

To give the arrangements a snowy feel, we use white ginestra. The ginestra can be as dense or used as sparingly as you feel fit for your custom bouquet.

If you are looking for something simple, poinsettias and amaryllis plants are an easily recognized wintertime decoration. The pots can be covered with gold or silver wrapping foil to help them stand out and to bring a brightness to the room.

Wondering what would make a nice gift to give someone? Christmas cactuses are cute, portable, and perfect for any plant-loving friend or family member. But then again, why not get one for yourself?

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